Chelsea FC Lose.

Chelsea cry

Chelsea FC lost a game.

1 game lost in the last 14.

Every man, woman and their cats and dogs have already had their say on last night’s match against the DVD makers Tottenham Hotspur. According to my Twitter timeline the opinions on this defeat ranged from a “Trumpesque” catastrophe to a “stepping in canine excrement” minor inconvenience.

I’ll leave that aspect of last night to the more dramatic amongst us and concentrate on how the now highly visible and audible Y*d Army managed to end our run of 13 successive wins.


Since moving to a back 3 formation Chelsea FC had only conceded 4 goals as 13 successive managers had tried and failed to work out how to play against the new formation.

13 successive sets of players had tried without any real success to break down the defensive masterclass arranged and organised by Antonio Conte.


The one constant in all of those efforts had been to try and pass or run through our defense. Every time an opposition forward ran one on one at a defender a 2nd defender dropped in behind to cover and clear up. Every time an apposition forward ran across our penalty area a 2nd defender came out to clear.

The fact that our back 3 had remained  constant throughout the run was no coincidence, they knew each others game, knew each others weaknesses and strengths, and the back 3 became almost impenetrable.


Credit to Pochettino however, he realised that and by sacrificing  Harry Kane as the one who would attempt the runs at the defense, he freed up Eriksen to stay in the hole and spray the passes to runners heading just wide of our back 3.

The main beneficiary of course was Dele Alli with 2 headed goals, the first headed goals conceded in the unbeaten run.

More teams will now try and do what Tottenham did last night, they’ll stop running at our back 3 all the time and will try and attempt to spray those passes just wide of them instead.

So is that the way to stop the Chelsea FC juggernaut steamrollering everyone on their way to the Premier League 2016/17 crown?

Will they succeed?


No, because Antonio Conte will have realised what happened last night, and will already be working with our holding midfielders on preventing those crosses coming in from the middle of the park.

No, because few teams have the players of the calibre of Eriksen who can pick out and execute those pin point crosses from just in front of our back 3.

No, because few teams have the Lampardesque midfielders who can time their runs undetected with such precision that the in form Alli managed last night.

Last night was bound to happen, Chelsea FC were bound to come up eventually against the perfect storm of a tactically astute manager and a goalscorer bang in form.

It’s just a shame it had to be that pesky small team from North London.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my return to blogging. Please let me know what you think with comments or shares, even a #RT on Twitter would be appreciated.

Many thanks and #KTBFFH.

Lee Fraser.




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